great selection of commercial and allotment polytunnels and coverings

Commercial Polytunnel & Canopy Range



Mojo Polytunnel are Expert Commercial Tunnel constructors



These units are exactly what they sound like, commercial structures designed for Horticultural use, Storage, Housing Livestock and much more...


Made from a 50-60mm diameter galvanised hoop and offered in single or multispan structures


Many different options are available:


  • Polytunnel or Canopy
  • Height and Size
  • Guttering
  • Supports and Bracing
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Wood/Steel End Frames
  • Wood/Steel Doors, offered in Hinged or Sliding
  • Crop Bars and Irrigation
  • A Variety of Sheets for Different Growing Requirements


We recommend a Free Site Visit to discuss all options available for your project.



Allotment & Garden Polytunnel Range



Mojo offer a great range of garden and allotment polytunnels, ideal for any home growing All Mojo Polytunnels tunnels can be decked out with a range of guttering, flooring and working areas



We as a company want to offer the best, which is why all allotment and garden ranges are UPGRADED to 50mm steel unless 35mm is specifically requested.


This allows for all the options available on the Commercial Range


As a result of Mojo Polytunnels experience working with the smaller diameter steel we feel a sturdier range should be offered, producing a quality addition to any garden or allotment.


The standard width sizes for these tunnels are:


  • 8ft / 2.43m
  • 10ft / 3.04m
  • 12ft / 3.65m
  • 14ft / 4.36m


All tunnels are delivered and constructed at a much smaller price than you may think.


For more details or if you require something not covered above, please call or complete the Contact Form.