great selection of commercial and allotment polytunnels and coverings

Allotment & Garden Polytunnel Range



Mojo offer a great range of garden and allotment polytunnels, ideal for any home growing All Mojo Polytunnels tunnels can be decked out with a range of guttering, flooring and working areas  



We as a company want to offer the best, which is why all allotment and garden ranges are manufactured out of 50mm steel unless 35mm is specifically requested. All steel is galvanised inside and out, this includes all diagonal bracings. All fittings are electro-plated.


Standard units are supplied with treated 4" x 2" timber base rail and end frames, these are provided for both sides and ends of the structure. All cladding materials are of VISQUEEN product, we do not use any other companies as these are of the highest grade in plastic sheeting. Standard units come with LUMINANCE THB-AF 800g, this provides high light diffusion with internal temperature reduction. Other variants of sheets are available on request.


Doors are constructed of 70mm x 44mm plain timber and finished with clear polycarbonate, these are pre-made and not kit form like our competitors. All units in this range come with a single hinged door as standard, the other end will be permanently panelled out.


The standard width sizes for these tunnels are:


  • 8ft / 2.43m
  • 10ft / 3.04m
  • 12ft / 3.65m
  • 14ft / 4.36m


All tunnels are delivered and constructed at a much smaller price than you may think.


For more details or if you require something not covered above, please call or complete the Contact Form for an immediate quote as we feel the polytunnel calculators do not give you all the options available.